Super Minesweeper

Super Minesweeper 1.13

Advanced Minesweeper game

Super Minesweeper is an interactive PC game that features the traditional minesweeping game but with a more advanced level of gameplay. This game features multiple styles of gameplay so you have different kinds of challenges at each level.

The gameplay styles included are the classic gameplays on any Minesweeper game around. This version features more gameplay styles such as Multi-Mine, Flagless, Mega Mines, Moving Mines, Backwards, Endurance, etc.

Super Minesweeper features hundreds of boards to make the gameplay more challenging. These boards feature various patterns of texture design that are based on hexagons, rectangles, squares and other unique and innovative shapes that may seem new to many users.

Super Minesweeper includes a new feature when the player comes to the end of the game. In this version, even if the player hits a mine, the game does not end but instead gives a time or score penalty and continues until the board is clear.